City Slicker in a Hat

Hi, I’m Belinda Dimarzio-Bryan and I’m an Architect and Freelance Photographer living in Warren, NSW.

My Story

Born and bred in western Sydney, I grew up in a very multi-cultural environment with my parents of Italian descent. I aspired to be an Architect from a very early age and pursued this in Sydney, graduating from university and working in various Sydney firms gaining priceless experience. Photography had always been a side interest but with my focus solely on my career in Architecture, I just didn’t have the time to pursue it further.

Until I moved to rural NSW.

I met my now husband in Sydney. Greg was living and working there but always had the desire to return to the land. After many visits to his family property, I quickly discovered how much this sheep farm had to offer and what the country life could be like, especially for raising children. I was always a sporty and outdoors kinda girl and grew up being known as a bit of a tomboy, so I felt this kind of life could really suit me. So we both decided to escape the rat race and give it a go. Greg would become the 4th generation farmer at the property.

The year we arrived in Central West NSW was the year the drought began. It was tough. Greg had seen the farm go through many years of prosperity but also years of drought from afar. Never had he seen anything like this, let alone having the responsibility to keep the farm functioning through this record-breaking drought. Let’s just say he and his family have managed the property in the worst situation possible and anything from now shouldn’t be too difficult. As many farming families would relate, the toll this drought has taken on us goes further than just the farm. It’s like a slow burning fire that infiltrates every part of your life, your relationships, your mental health.

My son and I only know drought. We both haven’t had the opportunity to see what the land can offer. Like many 4-year olds out here, our son hasn’t seen real rain or flood.

Whilst leaving friends and family was difficult, I still saw this as a great adventure. I felt, like many other lucky ladies who met their farming prince, that it was an opportunity at a new beginning, a place to start a family, make new friends and build a business. Which is what I did. I started B Creative but the architectural work came in very slow. Whilst it was terrific and tiring being a mum to a toddler who didn’t sleep for the first 3 years of this life, in my tired state, I still had the urge to use my brain for other things so I took this opportunity to explore my other passion, photography. Both a growing toddler and the rural setting gave me a terrific palette to start with.

I saw real beauty in this new setting, particularly on our property. It was interesting, beautiful and unique. Capturing moments of our growing son becoming acquainted with farm life was priceless. Even though we, as adults, understood the impact of this drought, we soon discovered that a toddler didn’t know any different. There were still motorbikes, large trucks, animals and space. I needed to capture this forever.

The architecture work started to come in which meant I could fund my new hobby and afford to invest in a “good” camera. I was fortunate enough to be asked to take photos for our local council where I had the opportunity to experience the local community and the beauty of a rural town, especially one as friendly, energetic and proud as Warren. I started to see the beauty of the land through the lens. I was able to capture how people and animals interacted with this life and the town’s resilience and spirit shone through during the drought. I felt very fortunate to be able to get to know the town this way.

Warren Triathalon
Nevertire Rodeo

My photos started to gain exposure through local exhibitions and photography competitions where some awards were won. Was there something in my photography that evoked emotion and imagination in the viewer? This is when I thought, could this be a good “side hustle” as Grace from Buy from the Bush called it.

Lightning Bales
Shortlisted and exhibited at the Outback Archies 2018.
Exhibited at Grinrod’s Newsagency
Fog Rising at Tiger Bay
Awarded second place in the photography category at the Outback Archies 2019

I now practice Architecture and Photography under my business name B Creative Architecture and Photography. It’s something I had never dreamed of achieving but this paddock-change gave me the opportunity to do it. Meeting my incredible husband 10 years ago led to this.

I have only been a recent addition to Buy from the Bush but I have seen the tremendous success this has brought to local businesses. I can count at least a dozen talented local artists in just my community, so I can only imagine how many more there are out there. This great initiative has given exposure to so much rural talent and I am very proud to be a part of it.

The recent rainfall has given us hope but unfortunately it won’t break the drought, many more rainfall events are needed to help the land recover from this. It will be slow but there is some hope now. I am looking forward to capturing the transition through the lens.

I post regularly on Instagram and Facebook and have select photos on sale. Prints can be purchased through my website at my SHOP

Credentials Graduate – Bachelor of Architecture 2005
University of Technology, Sydney

NSW Architectural Registration No. 9845