About Me

I am "that" girl who made the big move from big city life to rural country calm.

Hi, I'm Belinda Dimarzio-Bryan and I live in Warren, NSW.

My Story
Originally from Sydney, my life was busy and my schedule was filled with social and work engagements. I was working for a medium sized Architectural firm in Sydney where my days were filled with meetings, team discussions, creative design ventures, site visits, project management tasks and tight deadlines. Until 2.5 years ago, this was my career. I had spent 10 years working as a fully qualified Architect and an additional 5 years as a student Architect. I recently completed my Architectural Registration to "seal the deal". It was my childhood dream to be an Architect.

With a young family, my husband and I decided to move to the country. We moved to Dubbo with my husband working on his family property in Warren. We said goodbye to the big smoke and all its excitement and congestion. Away from family, friends and different career opportunities with a 6 month old child, a new adventure was to begin including starting my own Architectural Practice.

With a keen interest in photography, I dusted off the digital camera and started shooting the beauty that is the family farm. Since I hadn't grown up in such a place, I saw so much beauty in every detail of the land that my husband saw as just another piece of the farm. This inspired me to start capturing more than just still scenes. I wanted to bring life to the rural landscape and my son and husband became my subjects.

This environment helped me see photography as more than just a hobby. It was something that helped bridge the gap between country and city. My friends and family back in Sydney would see the land from a different perspective. They would say that it made them want to come out and see rural Australia. In addition to social media exposure and with much encouragement from family and friends, I also entered some gallery exhibitions and competitions. People liked what they saw. It was then that I realised I should pursue photography in conjunction with my Architecture.

This brings me to today, the day I meet YOU. If it's Architecture or Photography you would like to explore with me, I am eager to go on the adventure with you. Check out this website and my social media galleries and connect with me via phone or email.


Graduate - Bachelor of Architecture 2005
University of Technology, Sydney

NSW Architectural Registration No. 9845