The New Warren Shire Council Chambers Design

I am proud to present my first commercial project as B Creative.

We are taking the existing Council building and extending and redesigning it's street front. The extension needs to be set-back from the street front due to existing site constraints. A new Community Space is to be built for the use of the community. New offices, meeting rooms and amenities are also built into the extension.

It presented itself as an interesting challenge. How do we extend a mid-1900s office building without making it look like an obvious ad-on, whilst respecting its history and use and staying within the budget?

I thank the Shire for this incredible opportunity.  They are such an easy going council with innovative ideas and I am honoured to be designing such an iconic building for them and this wonderful town.

A Trip to Townsville

Caught in the Act

"Caught in the Act" featuring our cheeky little man Marcus, is now heavily packaged and on its way up to North Queensland to be exhibited as a finalist in the Percival Photographic Portrait Prize 2018 at the Pinnacles Gallery in Townsville on the 4th of May. I am hopeful that this photo will win over some hearts, especially the judges!

"We bid you fairwell and a safe (and intact) return home"!

Warren Shire Council Event Photos for 2018


Warren Shire Council have approached B Creative to take photos throughout the year of 2018 of various events. So far I have been fortunate enough to attend some terrific events in the Warren Shire  such as the Golden Ibis 'Denis Hunt Memorial' Shoot and other activities including the town's mixed tennis comp. Collie Pub was more than willing to have photos taken during their Australia Day celebrations which included yabbie racing (which is actually riveting to watch - yabbies were not harmed in any way).

Coming up, I am looking forward to shooting at the Country Rugby Championships at the end of April, Anzac Day, the Warren Show, junior sporting games and farming milestones such as cotton and canola crop harvests.

View full library of WSC Event Photos here

Exploring Water

Water is an incredibly intricate and constantly evolving substance which appears in some form, everywhere in the world. Capturing water through a lens can sometimes be an enormous challenge.

How do we freeze water in motion so the viewer can feel as if time has stopped?

here I explore how we can “freeze” time with our friend H2O on a more intimate level.